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For you.

What can we offer...

With an impressively equipped workshop and a plethora of precision hand tools at our disposal, we produce fine pieces of woodwork, which will adhere to all of your essential bespoke requirements.


We specialise in doors, windows and fitted bedrooms, but can produce any joinery product to suit your need, style and taste. Just make an enquiry and you'll be on your way to acquiring your ideal final product. Whether you need advice for your project, planning, manufacturing, finishing or fitting, we are here to help.

We collaberate with other trades, so you only need to make one call to us to get the ball rolling. We can do the rest. 

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From first contact to measuring, manufacturing to fitting, we pride ourselves on being everything you want a contractor to be. 

We design our products to best suit your requirements and necessities.

Our customer care and quality control are second to none and we carry the experience and expertise of over 20 years of design,  craftsmanship and exemplary conduct.


With global warming and climate change at the forefront of our minds in present times, it is our responsibility to ensure the survival and flourishing of the forests.

FSC and PEFC timbers are utilised to secure the future of our trees, and to attempt to limit the devastating effects we are having on the planet.


Contact us via phone, email or through our various social media outputs and you will be assisted with the utmost care and attention. We want to aid you in realising your ideas and manifesting them into something special that you will cherish. 

Wood is for life, not just for business!


FSC are entrusted with ensuring the responsible sourcing and procurement of materials, and much more. Take the time to peruse their site if you wish learn more about fsc protocols, and their targets for the future of our planet.

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